Take your cooking and baking to the next level with home made ghee of the highest calibre!

our story

Growing up, I watched my Ammu (Mommy) take great pride in cooking an elaborate meal for the family with the best ingredients that she could find.  She always taught us that a great dish started with a great foundation. 

In our traditional cuisine, you can expect a long list of spices and herbs co-mingling in a base of a luscious golden Ghee to create the ever so flavourful dishes that we call our own.

When we moved away from home, the appreciation for a home made ghee grew exponentially because what was available in the markets just didn't yield the same rich and nutty nostalgic flavour.

Ever since, we make our ghee in small batches using the highest quality butter, and butter only.

The Ghee Shoppe prides itself on making ghee the long way, with patience and care to coax out the perfect flavour, colour and fragrance.

When you take a jar of our ghee home with you, you are taking a piece of us.